Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Team America -Blended for Him

A team of 9 with people from all walks of life came all the way from Pennsylvania (USA) blended under the banner Peace Promise had been impacting their life with their Love and passion for Thailand for two days in Korat City.

The Love of God paved way for them to share their testimonies in songs, games, prayers, words of encouragement and above all their presence before the almighty God at Nari Sawat (Shelter Home) and Non Ta Ko village. Though they spent a brief time in both places but their presence added fuel to the fire to those burning with passion to know more about God and i believe this small spark of light ignited will keep on burning bright more and more with each passing day. 

Our God is a God who knows every heartbeat and who understands every languages and indeed we witnessed the love of God in different tongues and languages through worship and prayers. The presence of God working in their lives added vibrant hues wherever they go and we feel it personally and had seen with our own eyes.

The time spent with the girls at the shelter home and with the villagers at Non Ta Ko specially with the kids were all fun filled activities and beyond. Laying their hands on others and praying for their physical and spiritual needs, words of encouragement to stand still and strong in the Lord no matter what the world offers you, praying for the villages (Non Phanyiam & Non Ta ko) were all amazing and what amazes us most was all for the sake of the Gospel leaving behind all the comforts and luxuries back at home and being with the people who needs prayer, attention, care, solace and words of encouragement. And we know that our God is working in ways we cannot see and this team is a part of it. The hugs, laying hands, their love for the Thai people and the long journey to the villages has opened the windows to let in the Love of God rule over all things and with God Nothing is Impossible.

Thank you for Blessing Thailand with what you are. Glory be to God Almighty and In God We Trust always. AMEN!

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