Friday, November 16, 2012

From the lens of visiting team


Mardell's Lens - Korat

What do you say when God comes an His love and presence is so take it in and then you get ready to step out and release those around you.  Yesterday, our time of worship with the Tamar Ministries team was truly amazing.  You could see a glimpse of heaven as we each worshiped in our own language together and it sounded so beautiful.  As we worshiped Jesus began to show me a picture.  He came into the room with me and touched my lips and said He would give me the words.  Then he enlarged my heart and led me out.  I did not understand at the time what he mean by He would give me the words.  But later that morning after worship the leader of Tamar asked if I would share my testimony of what I had walked through as a child and my story, when we met with the girls at the abuse shelter.  Suddenly, I understood that Jesus had just prepared me and given me all I would need to do what He had already prepared in advance for me to do.
As we I spoke to the girls at the shelter, I do not remember much of what I said or what was happening around me.  I just felt the Holy Spirit take over and out came the words.  It was so easy and was God!   As I was speaking one girl caught me eye...she was "my one" that Jesus wanted to speak to through me (although He was also touching others).  After sharing, I saw one girl crying, another came to me and asked me to pray for her and one girl wanted me to hug and she just planted herself by me for quite awhile and did not want to let go (Or should I say a young lady, as she was 22 years old).  She reminded me of the second picture Jesus had shown me during worship that morning  it was of me hugging a girl and Jesus was wrapped around me, almost like he was me and He was holding the girl.  I was His arms.  So I as just kept hugging the young lady, I remembered that it was Jesus holding her. 
Mardell sharing her Testimony at Nari Sawat and Aon translating for her
Jesus showed up yesterday and while it may have been just a few hours of us laughing and loving them...Jesus will continue to touch them.  I am reminded that in an instance an encounter with Jesus can do the impossible and it can heal and change that which seemed impossible to heal.  God you are awesome and worthy of our praise!  So lead on excited to see what He will do today as we head to a village 2 hours away!

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