Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Please Keep Praying for us!

We will be conducting a Gospel Camp in the form of an English Camp. We have based our theme for the Camp as "Because every Life counts." Most children in the villages grow up without parental care because most of the time the parents are out there in the city earning for their livelihood and leave their children in the villages under the care of their grand-parents. Absence of the parents in the lives of the children makes them grow up feeling in-secure, fearful and sometimes feeling un-loved. So through this English camp we want to tell the truth to the children's that God made them, that they are special and that they are here for a purpose. To make it short this camp is about telling the children's that there is someone who loves and values them.

We will also be having workshops where we will be teaching the children's Thai Traditional Dance's using Gospel songs, we will also have guitar classes and drama class. And all these things will be taught by a DTS team from Lonavala, India. On the last day the children will showcase all that they have learnt for their parents to see in the form of an open air for the whole village. It will be an opportunity for us to share the gospel through the talents of these kids.

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