Thursday, November 20, 2014

To be a Blessing....

Lying on a hammock at Lamnamrong village on a sunny Sunday November afternoon with thoughts of amazing blessings of God running through my mind i couldn't resist but to pen my thoughts into words all for His Glory.

It doesn't matter where you came from or where you live, each one of us desires to be blessed. Parents want their children to have more than they had, be it education,foods, clothes and good health. There is this universal desire to be blessed and it is found among all people everywhere.The blessings of God is much more than good health, food, shelter and a good job. God’s blessing includes our Salvation and our future heavenly home. God desires to bless us in ways that are spiritual and eternal.

We have a responsibility that goes hand in hand with our blessings. We can never orchestrate God’s blessings to us. We can only corporate with God’s way. When we try to bring God’s blessing through our own devising we will not accomplish what God has in store for us. It will require faith on our part to trust God and his ways.

No one ever can bless us like God can bless us through Jesus Christ. The world will always promise to bless and then disappoint. There is first temptation then destruction. What the future holds for us is beyond comprehension.We must face the future by standing on the promises of God. Our God has not simply poured out His blessing on us for us to stockpile them. God has called us out, set us apart to bestow his great Love on us. But there is much more than only that. God has blessed us for the same reason He blessed Abraham, to bless all the families of the earth.

2014 is winding up  with some  weeks left , its time to harvest this year's promises and labours sowed and toiled. Christmas is just a heartbeat away and all we can do now is to go out in God's name and live out  LOVE, CARE,  JOY, PEACE and be  a BLESSING to those who are in need and are seeking for all these things in wrong places.

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