Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Glimpse Down Memory Lane: A Collection of Memoirs from Team Holland and Team America

And I heard the voice of the Lord saying, "Whom shall i send, and who will go for us?" Then I said "Here am I! Send me."

With the autumn's entry there has been a transition  of blessings the past two weeks with the Dutch Team and the American Team heralding the good news for Thailand particularly in the villages of Isan region.

We could feel the presence of God in the air all around us and it also hovers on all the villages visited and the two wonderful fun filled weeks with both the teams has really lifted us up spiritually,physically and emotionally which was a much needed longing for all of us at the Tamar Center Korat. It gave us more zeal and passion to work for God and move forward forever forward no matter what will happen cos' we are being affirmed by both the team's visit that we are not on our own, we are not all alone but we have brothers and sisters in Christ whose prayers and blessings are enough to reveal that our God works in mysterious ways even in different tongues and languages. 

Our God is never a boring God, He is a creative God and both the team from Holland and America were pieces of His creativeness whose presence in the villages and shelter home with their variety gifted talents in presenting the gospel  homely and it was so amazing. It opened our spiritual eyes and has lifted us up to a higher level and  a step closer to extend the kingdom of God through their creativity in songs, dramas, games, and many more. 

Your Laying hands on us and prayers meant a lot more than any word can fathom to thank you. Our hearts desire to work for the Lord have been refreshed with your coming and revived us once again and we are so blessed to walk with you through faith in this journey of life in making the gospel known to the ends of the earth in our own little world wherever we are. 

There will come a day when all of us will stand before our Lord holding hands and smiling at each other for what God has done in our life using each and everyone of us as his tool in making this world know Him as the King above all kings and Lord of all lords.

We pray that this is not the end of our journey but we believe our journey has just started with your coming adding more hues and sparks to the people of Thailand and we hope to see you again because with Him - Impossible is Nothing. To work and walk with men and women of faith has really been a blessing to us and we will always love to have you back in our thoughts, our prayers and our life till we meet again. AMEN!

To know more about them you can log on to their websites at (Dutch Team) and (American Team)

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