Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Pho Noi Village Ministry

Pho Noi Village is 40-50 minutes drive from Korat City and this is the nearest village for us in terms of doing ministry. We have started English Class every Friday (except the third friday where we go to one of our staff village for ministry)to around 30 kids and it already more than a month. Apart from teaching English we do play games with them and have worship time with them after the classes and by the Grace of God they are loving it more each time we go. In the evening after the class and time spent with the kids we go to a El's (a mother of two) house for prayer and fellowship and we believe and pray that a cell group will soon be started in God's own good time. Here are some few pictures of the English classes and glimpse of what we are doing at Pho Noi village.

                                                             Road to Pho Noi Village
 Orchid’s blooming at its best and I hope this is a good sign from God to venture into Pho Noi Village for the first time for Ministry
                                                           Childrens coming to class
                                                              The lower section kids
                                                               Upper section Kids

                                                               Aon Leading Worship

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