Saturday, November 10, 2012

Dutch Week - From Holland with Love

Eight Strong Women of faith from Holland had been a blessing to villages of Isan region from all angles of ministry. Reaching various villages in Isan Region, their ages did not deter  their determination and hunger to share the Love Of God to the Thais.  Their words of Encouragements, Prayers, songs and dramas, games and being with the Thai people in Thai's shoe, sleeping like the Thais do, eating with them from the same plate, and live like as they do in the villages - all in a row shows that they really have a Heart and a Passion for Thailand. Leaving aside all the luxuries and comfort they have at home and willing to sacrifice everything they can for Thailand, seeing them do all these things itself is an encouragement and a blessing to us too.

Non Ta Ko village, Non Phanyian Village, Ban Nongte Surin and Pho Noi Village were the  villages that open windows for them to share the love they have for Thailand with the Heavenly Love they brought all the way from Holland. The weather seems  harsh for them, the long continuous journeys but they kept it going with the night to be spend at the villages. With their entry at every villages children's started coming in first with reluctancy and later with fun and willingness. Entertaining them with Dutch Songs, Games, activities and dramas and above all sharing the Love of God to them kept the children's coming for more even after the dark. With the night's entry every Villages were brightened up with different colours of light on the fingers of all who came and it reminded me of the song THIS LITTLE LIGHT OF MINE I'M GONNA LET IT SHINE, and it really added sparks of joy and happiness to the people out there in the village. The joy, the love, the heart and everything they brought from Holland is worth to mention and worth to share with the Thai people to come to the House of God just as they are. The Dinner table filled with delicacies and warm hospitality of Thais added more taste to our appetite and  we were all set to worship the Lord one more time with the Cell Group Members or i should say the elder folks. Praying for the people personally and encouraging them with Words of Affirmation and Love is one area which added essence and humility all for the sake of the gospel. To be with the people where they are and to share the burden they have is something that every body values and these strong eight Dutch women of faith lived upto that level and they walk the talk with all the energy they had.

Apart from these villages the Dutch team were a blessing to Nari Sawat (Shelter Home for the abused girls) in Korat City. They were in a place which needs love, care, attention and words of encouragement. Indeed they gave what they need, above that they beautified them with vibrant designs of nail polishing, taught them creative way of  making a type of decorative handicraft, played with them in stickers, sang for them in Dutch, played drama for them, shared the gospel and fed them with Dutch Sandwiches and Fruit Salad and gave gifts to be remembered.

Words cannot fathom the deeds and love they did for Thailand but  there is someone who will be smiling and happy for what they did in rhythm with time and even in the days and years to come. They brought all they have, and gave all they can and still they are happy for what they did for Thailand and truly it was from Holland with Love. To God be the Glory! God Bless you all.

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  1. I was one of the eight women from Holland.
    It's been sometime since I visited your great country and the fabulous team of the Tamar Korat Center.
    You're still on my mind everyday.
    Thank you for sharing all your energy and passion to spread the great gospel of Christ in Thailand.
    It makes me humble to read the story above, to be able to encourage the people of the villages, to sit down with them to listen and pray and also the hospitality is not forgotten.
    You are in my prayers, may God continue to bless you!