Friday, December 26, 2014

How Far Will You Follow?

For most of my team, Thailand is the farthest we have ever been from home. The food, language, weather, and customs are much different from everything we experience in America. In the past couple of weeks, we experienced for the first time squatty potties, sticky rice for breakfast, and milk bubble tea. In our time at the Tamar Center so far, we also experienced God and His power in awesome ways. 

Just last weekend, we participated in a Christmas party held for girls working as prostitutes. Although the women at the Tamar Center have been building relationships with these girls for many months now, this was the first time they had ever held an event like this, so we felt a little nervous about how many women would come. We spent time in fervent prayer for God to bring them, and for their hearts to be open to Him and to His love. 

We prayed specifically for five women to come. 

Over twenty showed up. 

Standing in that room as more and more ladies stepped through the open door, I felt like crying because of the joy bursting through my heart. God fought for them. He is still fighting for them. And as long as we follow Him out upon the waters, WHEREVER He may call us, we can be a small part of His plan. 

For my team and I, this is a trip. A long trip, yes, but a trip nevertheless. We all have return flights, plans for the summer at home, and families excited to see us in May. What has struck me the most during our time at the Tamar Center is the forever kind of obedience the staff here is practicing. They are here until God calls them somewhere else- however long that may be. They love the Thai people with their whole hearts, whether it be kids from broken families in a village four hours away, or women selling their bodies on the streets in the city. Serving joyfully, they love unconditionally, day in and day out. 

That kind of obedience to God's call and that depth of love for others has been both convicting and refreshing. Am I truly willing to follow Jesus wherever He would call me? It's a question that certainly seems to hold more weight here, as I begin to truly ask Jesus what He has for me in this life. But when you let God give you a kingdom-mindset, what higher call is there than to love others and make God known? 

Working with the Tamar Center Korat has already been a huge blessing for my team, and I can only pray we've been half as much of a blessing to the Thai people around us. Jumping into ministry here has brought us all so much joy, and watching God work has been incredible. Keep praying God will continue to teach us, grow us, and work through us during our time here!

Jacqueline Roig
World Race Team

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