Friday, November 9, 2012

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Village Ministry Testimony from Ban Nong te Surin ( one of our staff  Waew’s village)
Late one night in September Pho Wee (Waew’s Dad) had breathing problem and his heart condition suddenly started to worsen, he had to be taken to I.C.U, just in a span of 3 hours he was shifted to three hospitals and the last hospital was in Korat closer to us. The doctors told us chances of survival 50/50. we started to pray for Pho Wee, he stayed in I.C.U for two days.
Pho wee stayed in the hospital for 5 days, two days in ICU and three days in CCU, while he was at CCU people around him were dying but because of God’s grace he is alive today. It’s a miracle. We have been visiting Pho wee’s house (around 3 hours journey from Korat) for quiet sometime, his wife, daughter, and grandson accepted Jesus infact his daughter Waew is serving God with us but Pho wee has been rejecting the good news but today he is open. He has experienced the power of our God in his personal life.
  Pho Wee is a strong Buddhist, while he was at the hospital in his room we were there and there was also a Monk whom he knew well. And when we prayed for Pho Wee the monk was also there listening to our prayers. On the day Pho Wee was to be discharged from the hospital, the Monk was trying to convince Pho wee that it was his prayers that healed him but Pho Wee gave him an answer that shut him up, Pho Wee told Him, "while i was in the hospital only one person came to my mind and that person was JESUS."  we are so thankful to God for the Miracle in Phoo wee's life both Physical and spiritual.. By God's grace today He is back home with his wife, children and grandchildren safe and sound because of God's grace.
God answered our prayers
We have been praying to God to open doors to start English class at Nari Sawat (shelter for abused girls) and God answered our prayers  and we have started the English classes already .  Every time we go there we need permission from the authority and sometimes we don't get permission but starting from this month we will be able to go every week and share the love of God with the girls. God is opening ways even when we think its impossible so our part is trust and believe that He will always answer our prayers.

Prayer Request
1. Pray for the different cell groups in the villages
2. Pray for abused girls at Nari Sawat & children at risk in the villages of Isan
3. Pray for our Christmas Celebrations at Non ta ko, Ban Nong Te, Lam Nang Rong & Nari Sawat

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