Friday, November 16, 2012

From the lens of the Visiting Team


Amber's Lens - Korat

Yesterday was wild! How wonderful it is to be a part of God's amazing work in this world. Yesterday, God gave me a glimpse into His heart for His children.
First, we met Yo Yo and the team from Tamar Korat! AMAZING! The dreams and desires that this team of 5 people had is so BIG and so is our God! Worshipping and blessing this team blessed me as well.  I know they are in position and ready to have supernatural breakthroughs all over Thailand! God knew what He was up to when He put our team in connection with Yo Yo! Their vision is for the families and prevention of human trafficking ... Same thing God put on the hearts of our team!!!

After lunch and more fellowship with Yo Yo's wonderful team ... We went into a shelter for abused girls. I knew God was going to work big time, but only He knew that I wasn't prepared for how big! We met some of the girls, listened to them sing songs, taught them how to make American sandwiches (many don't like mustard), played a few games, sang worship songs to them, and listened as Mardell shared her testimony! Suddenly, the fun/playful mood turned serious and quiet. Some girls starred at Mardell, many looked toward the ground. A few looked at me, probably due to my emotion.

The Lord allowed me to feel just some of the love that He had for these beautiful daughters! I couldn't help but cry knowing that many of them need to experience His love and healing power.  I sat down beside one girl who looked angry,withdrawn, hurt. As I rubbed her back and the others began to sing, she warmed up to me ... Inching closer every moment. As I sat with her, I saw her scars and sensed her pain and loneliness. When time for prayer (something we thought may not be allowed) came, I prayed quietly until I was able to snag a translator. Yo Yo's wife helped me communicate with the girl.

Her prayer request was to go home. I prayed for that to be a reality, but that in the meantime she would feel at home with God. I told her about His love and how He thinks she is beautiful. I saw her dancing in a field of flowers filled with joy and prayed that over her. I believe she felt the love of the father as tears were in her eyes.

Later, she told me that she lived in the shelter for 5 years. Her parents broke up and the only one who may come for her would be an older sister. She has seen many girls leave and she wants the same.  The shelter does not allow the girls to leave, and she has been there 5 years. I prayed for her to find hope and joy in Jesus. By the end of our time, she called me her big sister, took pictures with me, hugged me, and kissed me! She has such a sweet and loving spirit. I told her I will be praying for her ... Surely I will never forget our encounter and the way that the Holy Spirit moved in that place. Today we travel into the village! Can't wait to see what God has for us in this new day!
Cody and Amber posing for a cheerful moment at Nari Sawat

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