Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas 2012

Celebrating Christmas with a difference, to be with the people who needs to know what Christmas is all about and changing their mere perception of the festival of lights, stars, Christmas trees and merry making, giving and showing them the  real meaning of Christmas through the Sharing the word of God, Dramas based on the birth of Jesus Christ with the village kid's taking the prominent role under the supervision of IRIS team.

Non Ta ko Village and Ban Non Te Surin (Waew's village) were two villages we celebrated Christmas on 25th and 27th December. With the festive mood in the air, the joy and love that comes from the heart we shared our joy and love with the people in the villages through our presence being with them to the place where they belong, giving them the real Christmas meaning through activities such as Word of God and Choreographies by the Nation to Nation, YWAM DTS Lonavala, India which was responded by the villagers with great curiosity and attention. The Dramas based on the birth of Jesus Christ with the village kid's taking the prominent role under the supervision of IRIS team was another creative way of presenting the Gospel and the meaning of Christmas to people who never heard about what the Real Christmas is all about.Our God is never a boring God, He is a creative God who instills creativity in the minds of Human to present Him in such a time as this.

To add the beauty of Christmas and make known the gospel to the unknown the kids at Non Ta Ko village played a drama basing on the sacrifice for the sinners by Jesus on the Cross. It was indeed a night to remember with starry nights above our head, the Christmas trees, the balloons, the Christmas songs and above all the sweet communion of the Holy Spirit hovering around filling our hearts warmly.

Our Christmas celebration started with making the people know what Christmas is all about and it ended with joy of sharing what we have, through gifts for the children and delicious food for everyone prepared by Yoyo's Mother-in-law.We had a good number of people in both the villages and we thank God for bringing people who never came before. We Pray, Hope and Believe that this very Merry Christmas celebration is the door for bringing more souls in Christ and the answer they have been looking forth all their Life. To God be the Glory! Amen!

Joy to the World!

Behind every delicious meal is a wonderful Mother - in - Law!
MC Yoyo and MC Tuk Tik as Bebe looks on
Pastor Rajeev from N2N sharing the Gospel as Aon Translates
A section of Curious crowd and silent listeners at Non ta Ko
Kid's Playing the Drama!
Santa was here too
the night was lighted up with decors
IRIS team Drama on birth of Jesus
GIFTS from our Hearts
Our Feast Dinner
Pick a number get your Gift
the smile on my face says it all Merry Christmas

Christmas at Ban Non Te Surin
scenic view of village paddy field

Getting all set up for the Big Show

a smile and a Christmas tree worth the cause name is ....

Joseph points out...

the birth of Jesus

King Herod for the night

the crowd 

He listens every Prayer!


opening and reading the gifts received

Monday, December 17, 2012

YWAM Lonavala Team India Here With Us!

DTS outreach team from Nation to Nation (N2N) ,YWAM Lonavala,  India in person of  five guys and three ladies under the leadership of Samuel F Masih blended under the team name Joseph Team (The Dreamers) arrived in Tamar Center Korat already for two Months Outreach. We pray and look forward that their stay will be a blessing to Thailand nation as well as an instrument in the expansion of God's Kingdom. WELCOME TO THAILAND!

Joseph Team (The Dreamers)

Friday, December 14, 2012

A visit to Tamar Center Chayaiphum

After the India trip , the Tamar Center Korat Staffs had a memorable dinner outing at Coffee Pittini on 12.12.12 and down the memory lane this eventual day will be remembered and cherished for what God has been doing in our lives and to the people we meet and spend time. 

With a day rest and then we headed to a 3 hours drive Tamar Center Chayaiphum to visit Maethi and his wife and their new born baby Ken. It was indeed glad to meet this wonderful family and spend moments with them as well the children coming to the center to play games, sing songs and listen to the gospel in stories. Though our visit was a brief one we had treasured moments with them in all aspects. Our long drive/journey paid us with happiness and joy filled people and delicacies to our tummy's content. The day was gladly remembered with the moments and ended with prayers to keep us well intact as a family.
Baby Ken
say Cheese!

children coming to Tamar center Chayaiphum having a good time

Waew leading the worship

Yoyo preparing sausages for dinner

we play

badminton legacy :-)

hope seen in eyes

ken and her mum

Maethi and Family


we've got the looks you should click us 

  sunset at the close of a good day, the picture speaks it all