Friday, November 9, 2012

Nari Sawat Ministry Pictures

Nari Sawat is a Shelter Home for abused Girls/Ladies in Korat City. To visit them we need to get permission from the authority which sometimes turn us down too, but with unceasing prayers now we got the opportunity to visit them every week (thursday) to teach English as well as to spend time with them through different activities and indeed our God have His Plans work in His own time and we are so happy that He answered our prayers.

                                                                singing and clapping
                                      Tamar center Korat and Tamar Pattaya with Nari Sawat Ladies
                                        Another way of reaching the girls through Nail polishing
                                 Facial and hair styling in progress with Tamar Staffs from Pattaya
                                     Waew giving her touch on the nails of a girl at Nari Sawat
                                       Aon with a girl in polishing nail with others waiting in line
                                         Yoyo listening and sharing with a girl from Nari Sawat
                                                                   Say CHEESSEEEEE

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