Monday, November 26, 2012

The Joy and Celebration in our Hearts and with others We are looking Forth

Christmas time comes once in a year yet we will be celebrating our Christmas in a different way this year, three Christmas celebrations in a row. We will be sharing our joys, our happiness, our foods, our hearts desire working for a Living God and we will be sharing our delicacies with the villagers everywhere we go. Just Can't wait for it to come!

"Christmas, my child, is love in action. Every time we love, every time we give, it's Christmas"

- Dale Evans

December 23 - Our First Christmas will be at Em's Village - Non Din Daeng

 December 25 - Our Second Christmas will be at Non Ta Ko Village

December 28 - Our Third Christmas will be at Waew's Village Ban Nong Te Surin

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Raising up a Generation that Knows the Love of God

Yesterday as the kids were practicing a drama about the crucifixion of Jesus which they plan to present during our Christmas celebration at Non-Tako.  To many that may seem very normal, what is so special about it? But to us here in Tamar Center Korat, it means a lot. To us it is our dream coming true.

3 years back when we first entered this village there was only one Christian in this village, today with God’s grace and the hard work of this Lady we have about 6 families coming for cell group every Tuesday.

Children practicing Drama for Christmas at Non Ta Ko Village
To think that children from this village will be performing a drama about the crucifixion of Jesus never even crossed our minds, our focus was only to help this one lady stay strong in the Lord but then God has His own plans and we are so thankful to him for His wonderful plans.

Many of the children from this village are at High Risk of abuse. How do we help them?  our resource is so low. We have no budget to start a home to keep them safe. Even if we do have the necessary finance to start a home how do we start? Forget about the Home we don’t even know how long will we be able to share God’s love in this village and many other villages in Isaan if God does not provide for our staff and for our ministry.

Grandfather and Grand daughter worshiping God together.
With so many why’s I was looking at these group of children practicing drama for Christmas, and right there God suddenly spoke to me in a clear voice saying, “YOU ARE RAISING A NEW GENERATION THAT KNOWS AND UNDERSTANDS MY LOVE.”  My heart was filled with joy, we have been coming to this particular village every Tuesday for 3 years now, sometime we are so caught in our daily motion that we become blind to what God is doing? Some of these kids they were just infants when we first came today they are not infants anymore, they understands why we come every Tuesday.

Everyone of them deserves to know how special they are no matter what kind of family they have, they need to know that God loves them and apart from God they also need to know that there are people who truly and sincerely loves them for who they are.

How do you we expect to change a society without letting them know about the Love of God?

How will we stop Abuse without reaching the family with the Love of God?
Took Tik giving ideas on how to proceed with the Drama for Christmas

We will celebrate Christmas and enjoy the drama that the kids will be performing, join with us in your prayers as we watch and wait as God Raise a New Generation that knows and understands the Love of God.

- With Love and Blessings
  Yoyo Chiisi

Tamar Center Korat Prayer Request

1. November 26 - December 08/2012 Tamar Center Korat Trip to Nagaland, India.
2. December 15 - Indian DTS team from Pune YWAM Lonavala N2N (Nation to Nation) will be doing their outreach for two months in Isan Region
3. December 23 - Our First Christmas at Em's Village - Non Din Daeng
4. December 25 - Our Second Christmas at Non Ta Ko Village
5. December 28 - Our Third Christmas at Waew's Village Ban Nong Te Surin

Matthew 21:22 And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith.”

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Things that happened before this Blog was Born

Prison Ministry at Korat Central Jail

On the 3rd October 2012 we the Tamar Staffs Korat along with the Pastor of Korat Church went  to Korat Central Jail for ministry and fellowship with 10 Christian inmates. This is the first time in my life visiting a Jail for ministry and lots of things were running down my mind – how will the place look like, how will the prisoners look like, how will the atmosphere inside the prison be, will it be like the prison movies that I used to watch? It’s not the image or pre-concept of jail that I had in my mind. But it was a well set-up place, clean and to some extend even beautiful with the green surroundings, decors and well maintained. The only thing that compels me to think and accept that it was a jail were the High walls fortified with electric barbed wires, CCTVs, high security gates and security guards at every point.

What I am going to share with you here is not some make-up stories or fictions or some stories passed down to me by friends. It is all that I see and experienced happening right before my eyes. A few minutes before 9 AM after the Paper Works and the security procedure being done we were allowed to enter the jail accompanied by security guards.

 I love photography but inside the jail we have to surrender all our possessions at the entrance. And this very day my eyes served to me as the best camera that goes beyond what human have  produced in history J.  My eyes zoomed every possible corner to tell me stories of what is going inside the other side of this world.

We make our entry towards the inner compound but still the sideways, the tiled foot-paths, the beautified plants in various shapes, futsal ground and the tall trees kept me wondering is this really a Prison? Yes, it is. As the guard leads us to another gate we could see a swarm of prisoners out in the open surrounded by thin fences and guards. Some with full body tattooed, some were playing Mau-Thai, others playing Sepak Takraw, while others were reading books and chatting with fellow prisoners. At one end I saw some prisoners standing in queue and receiving their parcels and letters from a counter. Some prisoners look normal and human while others look wild, rowdy and fearsome that I could not even stare at them for long.

Passing by them and we now ascended a stairway to another block of civilized world where things seems to be normal, we passed through a computer room, an empty class room and then finally we entered a room where 10 ladies were sitted unshackled and anticipatingly waiting for us with our chairs reserved at the front. We sitted and introduced ourselves to them, the room inside was cool, calm and silent unlike the outside which we have come across hot, noisy and rowdy. These ladies don’t look different from my own sisters, mothers and grandmothers. They look normal and calm from outside but I bet they have many hidden untold stories inside which they never want to think of or share with anybody even with us.

As Waew (our staff) strummed her guitar to the tune of some Thai worship songs the prisoners too joined us with their hands clapping and some even singing to the tune of the songs. Some were so young to be in prison while others were in their mid-life and we could see even some worthy to be grandmothers too. After the worship Tooktik (our staff) shared her testimony and encouraged them through her life story. They were still a bit uneasy with us until Yoyo broke the ice with a game called Samson-Delilah-Lion which everyone enjoyed and participated actively. After making them feel free and friendly with us he shared about the Prodigal Son and his Forgiving Father from the Bible- all I can see was they were all ears to the sharing and feeling themselves connected with it. He shared further and encouraged them that God does not care whether you are in Prison or outside, He doesn’t care about your past if you come to Him and ask forgiveness and give your heart to Him to His will. We shared our side of stories in testimonies, songs, games and words of encouragement that there is Hope and Forgiveness from God as long as we are alive and willing to accept Him and Believe and Confess.

Now we turn our ears to their side of stories, how they ended here in the prison, what sort of life they had before and how are they feeling now as a convict and so on. To keep their identity confidential I will just use Alphabets instead of names. Mrs. A as I remembered shared her story of how she landed in Jail just because she was accompanying a friend in a van stuffed/loaded with drugs. She was a kind of leader among the prisoners and further more through her many are coming to know about God and changing their lives too. Mrs. B was in jail because she killed somebody but to my utter-surprise her looks were not like a killer in anyway but more of a motherly figure. And after coming to jail she seems to be serious with God which indeed is a blessing in disguise. They have a type of church inside the prison where they come and worship, share and encourage each other. Miss C  was here in the prison for stealing a bike. Miss D and E were two innocent convict who were in prison because they were being cheated by their high authorities. It will be so painful for them to bear all these injustice and being convicted as guilty for nothing. One of them shared while she was following Buddhist religion she could not think of anyone whenever she have problems but after coming to know Christ, in every circumstances she now have someone whom she can think of and it’s a real testimony. Feeling closer to God in the prison than anywhere was today and I believe some of them have faith that cannot be shaken by anything else after all the things they have been through.

Hearing their testimonies and life-stories some of them hold high post, one was a Broker, some were graduates and the prison seems to be an odd place for them. There is a lot the world outside can offer them and they too can contribute their part. There was a lady who did her graduation from Australia 10 years ago and she speaks English well and their stories goes on until the clock was nearing 11:30 AM which was set by the authority as our time limit. So we prayed for them personally one by one and sang with them with the Pastor encouraging them by distributing some Christian Booklets which they received heartily and not to forget we sang Happy Birthday to the oldest lady (50 years+) among them whose birthday falls this month.

Ever since I heard this very song of Don Moen ‘He Never Sleeps’ the song is speaking to me on and on and I want to say again that our God is working in ways we cannot see and this is one of it. After listening to their stories I still can remember one lady among them sharing that today is her first day crying inside the prison and you know the reason why she is crying, God is working in her life even inside the Prison. The love of God goes beyond the locked cells and shackles. Giving them a hope amidst the hopelessness they had. There is someone who loves just the way we are and in Him there is forgiveness and healing. With these words of encouragement we bade them goodbye and hoping and praying for another time of fellowship if the authority permits us in future.

I pray and believe that this very night for some of them will be different and meaningful not because we went there but because of what God is doing in their life inside the prison. I never feel God so close in such a place as this but today is a day I feel it through their tears, stories and testimonies and got blessings just even with my presence with them. There is a world outside that needs them, that depends on them, that needs to hear their stories and testimonies, that needs their service and blessings and I wish and hope that Good Fine Day will come soon. To this very day I’ve never experience such a moment like this. It is one of a day that has been set apart by God and it will be in the history and never a day will come again like today and I feel good, blessed and encouraged to be a part of today in the making of a meaningful history in the book of life. Thank You God for this Day. Amen!

Apfukru Dolie

Friday, November 16, 2012

From The Lens of the visiting Team


Cheryl's Lens - Korat

The only word I can think of to describe our time yesterday.
We have such thankfulness in our hearts for the tangible love we experienced yesterday with a small but mighty group of 5 dedicated, Holy Spirit led brothers and sisters at Tamar ministry Korat location.
Our time together sharing vision, intercession and prayer for one another, our AMAZING time of worship in singing together, in different languages (but who would have known!) and the closeness we felt with this group, was such a rich and life changing experience.  It solidified the connection we have in Christ Jesus, thou very different, we are One in God's eyes.  Our few hours with these 5, inspired all of us, challenged all of us and paved the way for what God had in mind as we partnered with them in showing Jesus' love to a group of 60 young women.

We traveled by van to the girls (ask in person for more details), where we were met by smiling pink visions :-)  Several of the young ladies saw the van arriving and came running down the streets with open arms, wearing pink t-shirts (a sort of uniform perhaps).  Several of our group of women embraced these young ladies and an immediate connection was made.

Our group sat or stood around the perimeter of the open concrete pavillion and waited and watched as the group of young ladies (some with obvious mental handicaps, others with visible physical scars and many with hidden emotional ones), came from all directions and made their way to the neatly lined picnic tables under the pavilion.

As they came, several of us began interacting with them.  Eye contact, smiles and the occasional soft touch to the shoulder was our language with these girls.
As the day unfolded, we began to learn a bit about some of the abuse these girls had experienced in their short lives, and so we wanted to respect their personal space, and yet for me, my Mother's heart kicked in very quickly and I so wanted to embrace each of them and touch their faces and tell them how beautiful they were and how valuable they were to God.

What God did yesterday was so beautiful - a true reflection of His Father's heart for these girls, and the demonstration of His expression through each of us - in the way WE understand His love for us, and He blended the two.

Before I begin to share further, I have to share a dream I had the night before.
In my dream, I was on the streets of Bangkok and a woman stopped me and handed me her tiny baby.  No words were exchanged, but I knew she wanted me to take her baby, to give the baby a "better way of life" than what she could provide.  It was out of her love for baby that she handed me the baby.  As she held the baby out, I took him in my arms and the mother disappeared.
The next scene in my dream was me at the Bangkok airport going through customs, with this little bundle in my arms.  The official asked me for the baby's papers and I said "he didn't come with any papers".  the feeling I had was that this baby didn't exist because he had no papers to prove his existence.
The next "scene" of my dream, was me crouched down on the floor against a wall, with a young dark-haired girl leaning against me.  I was mothering her and tucking her hair behind her ear as she leaned into me.  I felt a very strong connection with this faceless girl in my dream, but I could feel the love of Jesus through my touch to her and she could feel it as well.

I wasn't sure what to make of the dream, but I shared it around the breakfast table the morning we were to travel to Korat and visit the shelter for abused women.

So now back to the events of the day at the women's shelter.
After a few minutes at the picnic tables, one of the girls walked up with one of the ladies from Tamar ministries, carrying a very small baby.  In that instant, God took me to the dream from the night before.
They came up to me and I reached for the baby.  The woman from Tamar Ministries handed me the baby with the young mother's permission, and as I cradled that little boy in my arms, it was as though I knew the privilege and "mission" i had been given, to speak life over this little innocent baby.  I began to softly sing "Jesus love me" into little "Isaac's" life.  As he focused on my eyes, he smiled!  WOW!  I heard God say "He understands my love".  Amazing!

Isaac went to sleep several times throughout the day as I held him, sang over him, spoke words Jesus would give me at that moment for him - all the while staying close to his mom.  She would watch me with him and I would meet her eyes and gesture my love for him.  She would smile and I felt God say "she is proud that you love him".I  A feeling of "you accept him".  I know the Holy Spirit was making the connection for her - that SHE is accepted as well.  Later that day, through an interpreter, I was able to tell the young mom that she was a good mom.  Words I felt Jesus would say to her to calm her fears.  Later I learned that in only a few days, this young girl would be released from the shelter with no where to go.  I pray that she received the words of Jesus for her, that she is GOOD and ACCEPTED.  Tamar Ministries is attempting to connect her with an organization that will teach her a trade so she can make a living for her and Isaac.  What a priveledge it was for me.

After a time of group games, some worship together and a Holy Spirit led testimony by Mardell that truely made the connection between these girls and Jesus, one of the leaders from Tamar asked the girls if there would be anyone that would like a hug from one of our female leaders.
I will never forget her.  She was the girl God had showed me in my dream the night before.  No doubt in my mind.
Kai is 13 and such a sweet spirit.
Kai was the only girl who raised her hand to want a hug from one of us.  She turned to me, and I moved in!
The hug between Kai and I was electric and I physically felt Jesus' love for her.  So many emotions - love, protection, care, celebration, delight.  I was mesmerized with Kai.
She melted into my arms and she and I became inseparable.  She would touch my hands, and arms and I would rub her shoulders, put my head against hers, stroke her cheek, put her hair behind her ear, hold her face in my hands, look deeply into her eyes and smile all the while.  My cheeks were actually sore leaving the facility, from all the smiling.
She was so receptive to Jesus' love through me and I was so willing to give her more and more.
Cheryl with a Nari Sawat baby

One of the highlights for me was when I gave Kai one of my rings I was wearing.  Someone very special back home had given it to me and I felt in some way, In giving it to Kai to keep, I was passing on acceptance and unconditional love I received when I was given that gift back home.
When she realized I wanted her to keep it, she smiled even bigger (which was a big deal to begin with).
She told the interpreter to come over to where we were sitting and she took my hand, held it to her heart and said "sister".  AMAZING!
While I felt more motherly than sisterly to her, I know she received Jesus' love exactly as she needed to.

It was hard to let go of Kai to leave when it was time for our group to depart.  She kept hugging me, and I kept hugging her back.  We'd say  "sister" to each other and point to the ring.
I told her through the interpreter that I would never forget her.  She was engraved on my heart.
She said "you come back to see me" and boy, that would be my honor Lord willing.

God is not limited by language, age, race, size, expectation, abuse, or any other "obstacle".  I experienced His deep love for two beautiful creations of His that I had nothing in common with today and He connected hearts in the way only He can.  My God is GREAT!

From the lens of visiting team


Mardell's Lens - Korat

What do you say when God comes an His love and presence is so take it in and then you get ready to step out and release those around you.  Yesterday, our time of worship with the Tamar Ministries team was truly amazing.  You could see a glimpse of heaven as we each worshiped in our own language together and it sounded so beautiful.  As we worshiped Jesus began to show me a picture.  He came into the room with me and touched my lips and said He would give me the words.  Then he enlarged my heart and led me out.  I did not understand at the time what he mean by He would give me the words.  But later that morning after worship the leader of Tamar asked if I would share my testimony of what I had walked through as a child and my story, when we met with the girls at the abuse shelter.  Suddenly, I understood that Jesus had just prepared me and given me all I would need to do what He had already prepared in advance for me to do.
As we I spoke to the girls at the shelter, I do not remember much of what I said or what was happening around me.  I just felt the Holy Spirit take over and out came the words.  It was so easy and was God!   As I was speaking one girl caught me eye...she was "my one" that Jesus wanted to speak to through me (although He was also touching others).  After sharing, I saw one girl crying, another came to me and asked me to pray for her and one girl wanted me to hug and she just planted herself by me for quite awhile and did not want to let go (Or should I say a young lady, as she was 22 years old).  She reminded me of the second picture Jesus had shown me during worship that morning  it was of me hugging a girl and Jesus was wrapped around me, almost like he was me and He was holding the girl.  I was His arms.  So I as just kept hugging the young lady, I remembered that it was Jesus holding her. 
Mardell sharing her Testimony at Nari Sawat and Aon translating for her
Jesus showed up yesterday and while it may have been just a few hours of us laughing and loving them...Jesus will continue to touch them.  I am reminded that in an instance an encounter with Jesus can do the impossible and it can heal and change that which seemed impossible to heal.  God you are awesome and worthy of our praise!  So lead on excited to see what He will do today as we head to a village 2 hours away!

From the lens of the Visiting Team


Amber's Lens - Korat

Yesterday was wild! How wonderful it is to be a part of God's amazing work in this world. Yesterday, God gave me a glimpse into His heart for His children.
First, we met Yo Yo and the team from Tamar Korat! AMAZING! The dreams and desires that this team of 5 people had is so BIG and so is our God! Worshipping and blessing this team blessed me as well.  I know they are in position and ready to have supernatural breakthroughs all over Thailand! God knew what He was up to when He put our team in connection with Yo Yo! Their vision is for the families and prevention of human trafficking ... Same thing God put on the hearts of our team!!!

After lunch and more fellowship with Yo Yo's wonderful team ... We went into a shelter for abused girls. I knew God was going to work big time, but only He knew that I wasn't prepared for how big! We met some of the girls, listened to them sing songs, taught them how to make American sandwiches (many don't like mustard), played a few games, sang worship songs to them, and listened as Mardell shared her testimony! Suddenly, the fun/playful mood turned serious and quiet. Some girls starred at Mardell, many looked toward the ground. A few looked at me, probably due to my emotion.

The Lord allowed me to feel just some of the love that He had for these beautiful daughters! I couldn't help but cry knowing that many of them need to experience His love and healing power.  I sat down beside one girl who looked angry,withdrawn, hurt. As I rubbed her back and the others began to sing, she warmed up to me ... Inching closer every moment. As I sat with her, I saw her scars and sensed her pain and loneliness. When time for prayer (something we thought may not be allowed) came, I prayed quietly until I was able to snag a translator. Yo Yo's wife helped me communicate with the girl.

Her prayer request was to go home. I prayed for that to be a reality, but that in the meantime she would feel at home with God. I told her about His love and how He thinks she is beautiful. I saw her dancing in a field of flowers filled with joy and prayed that over her. I believe she felt the love of the father as tears were in her eyes.

Later, she told me that she lived in the shelter for 5 years. Her parents broke up and the only one who may come for her would be an older sister. She has seen many girls leave and she wants the same.  The shelter does not allow the girls to leave, and she has been there 5 years. I prayed for her to find hope and joy in Jesus. By the end of our time, she called me her big sister, took pictures with me, hugged me, and kissed me! She has such a sweet and loving spirit. I told her I will be praying for her ... Surely I will never forget our encounter and the way that the Holy Spirit moved in that place. Today we travel into the village! Can't wait to see what God has for us in this new day!
Cody and Amber posing for a cheerful moment at Nari Sawat

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Glimpse Down Memory Lane: A Collection of Memoirs from Team Holland and Team America

And I heard the voice of the Lord saying, "Whom shall i send, and who will go for us?" Then I said "Here am I! Send me."

With the autumn's entry there has been a transition  of blessings the past two weeks with the Dutch Team and the American Team heralding the good news for Thailand particularly in the villages of Isan region.

We could feel the presence of God in the air all around us and it also hovers on all the villages visited and the two wonderful fun filled weeks with both the teams has really lifted us up spiritually,physically and emotionally which was a much needed longing for all of us at the Tamar Center Korat. It gave us more zeal and passion to work for God and move forward forever forward no matter what will happen cos' we are being affirmed by both the team's visit that we are not on our own, we are not all alone but we have brothers and sisters in Christ whose prayers and blessings are enough to reveal that our God works in mysterious ways even in different tongues and languages. 

Our God is never a boring God, He is a creative God and both the team from Holland and America were pieces of His creativeness whose presence in the villages and shelter home with their variety gifted talents in presenting the gospel  homely and it was so amazing. It opened our spiritual eyes and has lifted us up to a higher level and  a step closer to extend the kingdom of God through their creativity in songs, dramas, games, and many more. 

Your Laying hands on us and prayers meant a lot more than any word can fathom to thank you. Our hearts desire to work for the Lord have been refreshed with your coming and revived us once again and we are so blessed to walk with you through faith in this journey of life in making the gospel known to the ends of the earth in our own little world wherever we are. 

There will come a day when all of us will stand before our Lord holding hands and smiling at each other for what God has done in our life using each and everyone of us as his tool in making this world know Him as the King above all kings and Lord of all lords.

We pray that this is not the end of our journey but we believe our journey has just started with your coming adding more hues and sparks to the people of Thailand and we hope to see you again because with Him - Impossible is Nothing. To work and walk with men and women of faith has really been a blessing to us and we will always love to have you back in our thoughts, our prayers and our life till we meet again. AMEN!

To know more about them you can log on to their websites at (Dutch Team) and (American Team)

Pho Noi Village Ministry

Pho Noi Village is 40-50 minutes drive from Korat City and this is the nearest village for us in terms of doing ministry. We have started English Class every Friday (except the third friday where we go to one of our staff village for ministry)to around 30 kids and it already more than a month. Apart from teaching English we do play games with them and have worship time with them after the classes and by the Grace of God they are loving it more each time we go. In the evening after the class and time spent with the kids we go to a El's (a mother of two) house for prayer and fellowship and we believe and pray that a cell group will soon be started in God's own good time. Here are some few pictures of the English classes and glimpse of what we are doing at Pho Noi village.

                                                             Road to Pho Noi Village
 Orchid’s blooming at its best and I hope this is a good sign from God to venture into Pho Noi Village for the first time for Ministry
                                                           Childrens coming to class
                                                              The lower section kids
                                                               Upper section Kids

                                                               Aon Leading Worship

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Team America -Blended for Him

A team of 9 with people from all walks of life came all the way from Pennsylvania (USA) blended under the banner Peace Promise had been impacting their life with their Love and passion for Thailand for two days in Korat City.

The Love of God paved way for them to share their testimonies in songs, games, prayers, words of encouragement and above all their presence before the almighty God at Nari Sawat (Shelter Home) and Non Ta Ko village. Though they spent a brief time in both places but their presence added fuel to the fire to those burning with passion to know more about God and i believe this small spark of light ignited will keep on burning bright more and more with each passing day. 

Our God is a God who knows every heartbeat and who understands every languages and indeed we witnessed the love of God in different tongues and languages through worship and prayers. The presence of God working in their lives added vibrant hues wherever they go and we feel it personally and had seen with our own eyes.

The time spent with the girls at the shelter home and with the villagers at Non Ta Ko specially with the kids were all fun filled activities and beyond. Laying their hands on others and praying for their physical and spiritual needs, words of encouragement to stand still and strong in the Lord no matter what the world offers you, praying for the villages (Non Phanyiam & Non Ta ko) were all amazing and what amazes us most was all for the sake of the Gospel leaving behind all the comforts and luxuries back at home and being with the people who needs prayer, attention, care, solace and words of encouragement. And we know that our God is working in ways we cannot see and this team is a part of it. The hugs, laying hands, their love for the Thai people and the long journey to the villages has opened the windows to let in the Love of God rule over all things and with God Nothing is Impossible.

Thank you for Blessing Thailand with what you are. Glory be to God Almighty and In God We Trust always. AMEN!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Dutch Week - From Holland with Love

Eight Strong Women of faith from Holland had been a blessing to villages of Isan region from all angles of ministry. Reaching various villages in Isan Region, their ages did not deter  their determination and hunger to share the Love Of God to the Thais.  Their words of Encouragements, Prayers, songs and dramas, games and being with the Thai people in Thai's shoe, sleeping like the Thais do, eating with them from the same plate, and live like as they do in the villages - all in a row shows that they really have a Heart and a Passion for Thailand. Leaving aside all the luxuries and comfort they have at home and willing to sacrifice everything they can for Thailand, seeing them do all these things itself is an encouragement and a blessing to us too.

Non Ta Ko village, Non Phanyian Village, Ban Nongte Surin and Pho Noi Village were the  villages that open windows for them to share the love they have for Thailand with the Heavenly Love they brought all the way from Holland. The weather seems  harsh for them, the long continuous journeys but they kept it going with the night to be spend at the villages. With their entry at every villages children's started coming in first with reluctancy and later with fun and willingness. Entertaining them with Dutch Songs, Games, activities and dramas and above all sharing the Love of God to them kept the children's coming for more even after the dark. With the night's entry every Villages were brightened up with different colours of light on the fingers of all who came and it reminded me of the song THIS LITTLE LIGHT OF MINE I'M GONNA LET IT SHINE, and it really added sparks of joy and happiness to the people out there in the village. The joy, the love, the heart and everything they brought from Holland is worth to mention and worth to share with the Thai people to come to the House of God just as they are. The Dinner table filled with delicacies and warm hospitality of Thais added more taste to our appetite and  we were all set to worship the Lord one more time with the Cell Group Members or i should say the elder folks. Praying for the people personally and encouraging them with Words of Affirmation and Love is one area which added essence and humility all for the sake of the gospel. To be with the people where they are and to share the burden they have is something that every body values and these strong eight Dutch women of faith lived upto that level and they walk the talk with all the energy they had.

Apart from these villages the Dutch team were a blessing to Nari Sawat (Shelter Home for the abused girls) in Korat City. They were in a place which needs love, care, attention and words of encouragement. Indeed they gave what they need, above that they beautified them with vibrant designs of nail polishing, taught them creative way of  making a type of decorative handicraft, played with them in stickers, sang for them in Dutch, played drama for them, shared the gospel and fed them with Dutch Sandwiches and Fruit Salad and gave gifts to be remembered.

Words cannot fathom the deeds and love they did for Thailand but  there is someone who will be smiling and happy for what they did in rhythm with time and even in the days and years to come. They brought all they have, and gave all they can and still they are happy for what they did for Thailand and truly it was from Holland with Love. To God be the Glory! God Bless you all.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Nari Sawat Ministry Pictures

Nari Sawat is a Shelter Home for abused Girls/Ladies in Korat City. To visit them we need to get permission from the authority which sometimes turn us down too, but with unceasing prayers now we got the opportunity to visit them every week (thursday) to teach English as well as to spend time with them through different activities and indeed our God have His Plans work in His own time and we are so happy that He answered our prayers.

                                                                singing and clapping
                                      Tamar center Korat and Tamar Pattaya with Nari Sawat Ladies
                                        Another way of reaching the girls through Nail polishing
                                 Facial and hair styling in progress with Tamar Staffs from Pattaya
                                     Waew giving her touch on the nails of a girl at Nari Sawat
                                       Aon with a girl in polishing nail with others waiting in line
                                         Yoyo listening and sharing with a girl from Nari Sawat
                                                                   Say CHEESSEEEEE

news in pictures at Non ta Ko

                                                           Waew playing with the Kids
                                                  Apfukru and Tooktik drawing with the kids
                                                          Tooktik drawing with the kids
                                            Aon leading cell group at Non ta Ko Village
                                        Tamar korat Staffs preparation for the Kid's picnic
                                                             English Class at Non Ta Ko
                                   Posing for Lens (our hearts of Gratitude to CEM Dept.BCAMT)
                                                                yoyo at the serving table
                                                          Hannah Having A Good time
                                                       Landscape at Non Ta Ko Village
                                                            Yoyo Posing the Macho Way 
                                         Aon with Phi Phon the first Convert at Non Ta Ko

tamar center korat news

Village Ministry Testimony from Ban Nong te Surin ( one of our staff  Waew’s village)
Late one night in September Pho Wee (Waew’s Dad) had breathing problem and his heart condition suddenly started to worsen, he had to be taken to I.C.U, just in a span of 3 hours he was shifted to three hospitals and the last hospital was in Korat closer to us. The doctors told us chances of survival 50/50. we started to pray for Pho Wee, he stayed in I.C.U for two days.
Pho wee stayed in the hospital for 5 days, two days in ICU and three days in CCU, while he was at CCU people around him were dying but because of God’s grace he is alive today. It’s a miracle. We have been visiting Pho wee’s house (around 3 hours journey from Korat) for quiet sometime, his wife, daughter, and grandson accepted Jesus infact his daughter Waew is serving God with us but Pho wee has been rejecting the good news but today he is open. He has experienced the power of our God in his personal life.
  Pho Wee is a strong Buddhist, while he was at the hospital in his room we were there and there was also a Monk whom he knew well. And when we prayed for Pho Wee the monk was also there listening to our prayers. On the day Pho Wee was to be discharged from the hospital, the Monk was trying to convince Pho wee that it was his prayers that healed him but Pho Wee gave him an answer that shut him up, Pho Wee told Him, "while i was in the hospital only one person came to my mind and that person was JESUS."  we are so thankful to God for the Miracle in Phoo wee's life both Physical and spiritual.. By God's grace today He is back home with his wife, children and grandchildren safe and sound because of God's grace.
God answered our prayers
We have been praying to God to open doors to start English class at Nari Sawat (shelter for abused girls) and God answered our prayers  and we have started the English classes already .  Every time we go there we need permission from the authority and sometimes we don't get permission but starting from this month we will be able to go every week and share the love of God with the girls. God is opening ways even when we think its impossible so our part is trust and believe that He will always answer our prayers.

Prayer Request
1. Pray for the different cell groups in the villages
2. Pray for abused girls at Nari Sawat & children at risk in the villages of Isan
3. Pray for our Christmas Celebrations at Non ta ko, Ban Nong Te, Lam Nang Rong & Nari Sawat