Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Raising up a Generation that Knows the Love of God

Yesterday as the kids were practicing a drama about the crucifixion of Jesus which they plan to present during our Christmas celebration at Non-Tako.  To many that may seem very normal, what is so special about it? But to us here in Tamar Center Korat, it means a lot. To us it is our dream coming true.

3 years back when we first entered this village there was only one Christian in this village, today with God’s grace and the hard work of this Lady we have about 6 families coming for cell group every Tuesday.

Children practicing Drama for Christmas at Non Ta Ko Village
To think that children from this village will be performing a drama about the crucifixion of Jesus never even crossed our minds, our focus was only to help this one lady stay strong in the Lord but then God has His own plans and we are so thankful to him for His wonderful plans.

Many of the children from this village are at High Risk of abuse. How do we help them?  our resource is so low. We have no budget to start a home to keep them safe. Even if we do have the necessary finance to start a home how do we start? Forget about the Home we don’t even know how long will we be able to share God’s love in this village and many other villages in Isaan if God does not provide for our staff and for our ministry.

Grandfather and Grand daughter worshiping God together.
With so many why’s I was looking at these group of children practicing drama for Christmas, and right there God suddenly spoke to me in a clear voice saying, “YOU ARE RAISING A NEW GENERATION THAT KNOWS AND UNDERSTANDS MY LOVE.”  My heart was filled with joy, we have been coming to this particular village every Tuesday for 3 years now, sometime we are so caught in our daily motion that we become blind to what God is doing? Some of these kids they were just infants when we first came today they are not infants anymore, they understands why we come every Tuesday.

Everyone of them deserves to know how special they are no matter what kind of family they have, they need to know that God loves them and apart from God they also need to know that there are people who truly and sincerely loves them for who they are.

How do you we expect to change a society without letting them know about the Love of God?

How will we stop Abuse without reaching the family with the Love of God?
Took Tik giving ideas on how to proceed with the Drama for Christmas

We will celebrate Christmas and enjoy the drama that the kids will be performing, join with us in your prayers as we watch and wait as God Raise a New Generation that knows and understands the Love of God.

- With Love and Blessings
  Yoyo Chiisi


  1. Praise the Lord! We join with you in prayer and are excited about what God has been and will continue to do through you! Thank you for listening to His voice and helping others see the love of Jesus!

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  3. Thank you Amber.
    what a joy to have your team coming and blessing Isaan and our staff.
    It is our previledge to share His love with Others.
    we so appreciate your prayers.

  4. Powerful! You all remain in my thoughts and prayers.