Saturday, July 12, 2014

Tamar Center Korat Projects in the villages

1.  Project Chicken & Project Frogs
Tuu and Somjit  were among the first and the only couple who  accepted Jesus in Non Tako Village. They are farmers, Tuu voluntarily cooks food for our cell group at Non Tako every Tuesday night

1. We have started rearing 30 local chickens for meat.
2. We have also started frog farming with 500 frogs for the first batch.

Please continue to keep them in your prayers so that this project will be successful but more importantly they will continue to grow in the Lord and their lives will make impact on other people in their village.

Tuu and Somjit in front of their chicken farm
First batch of frogs

2.  Project Shop Up-gradation
Pii Phon is a single lady who takes care of her mom, her autistic brother  and her grand daughter. She manages all that with a small shop in her house.
Pii Phon is the first lady who accepted Jesus and brought the gospel to Non Tako village. She has struggled a lot but God has been faithful to her. Currently our cell group meets in her house
 We have given her financial aid to help her upgrade her shop. Please continue to pray for Pii Phon and her family.
Pii Phon, her mom and her brother

3. Project Mobile Fruit Shop
Pii Sathit is a single mum of two daughters , she is a daily wage earner. Her works are cutting grass , cutting sugarcanes, and whatever job available to her in the village. She also has a responsibility of taking care of her two daughters and her old aged mum.
We’ve helped her fix her motorbike become a mobile fruit shop. She will drive her mobile fruit shop to different daily markets. Please continue to uphold this family in your prayers.
Pii Sathit and her two daughters

The mobile fruit shop

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