Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Village English Camp 2013 - Day 1 News in Pictures

With around 30 kids from three villages the Village English Camp 2013 started off with prayers and word's of encouragement and instructions to be followed for the camp. Thank you everyone for your prayers for making this camp happen. Below are the day-1 events in pictures, we hope this will give you a wider perspective of what we are upto in this camp...enjoy the pictures and keep praying for all of us. To God be the Glory!

Real Village English Camp...the background says it all

Yoyo and Took tik  introducing about the Village English Camp
Campers Listening to Yoyo about the things they will be doing and learning for 3 days

YWAM DTS Lonavala, India introducing themselves to the kids

connect it with the next picture below

He is the reason ...thats why i'm here in this camp

Children's lift up their hands and sings in praise...morning worship hour

Action Songs

Behind the scene..preparing food for everyone

Schedule for 3 days

Our Chef...she cooks only tasty and delicious foods

Saibin and Took tik sharing on God Made You

God Made You ..sharing is fun with drawings and activities

God Made You ..sharing is fun with drawings and activities

Yoyo giving away medals to the best in drawing (Girls)

English Class for the older age groups

Puppets at the Camp :-0 name is Theng...nice to meet you!..English Class with the lower age groups

Lunch Yummy Time

Work team one day for dish washing and they are enjoying it

Workshop 1 - Guitar Class

Workshop 2 - B-boying

Workshop 3 - Drama/Skit

Bird enjoying his guitar classes laughing away his blues in strings

Workshop 4 - Thai Traditional Dance

Afternoon time of worship

Group 1 - Kid's praying together at the outset of a session on teaching them about Life and it's value
Group 2 - Maethi Teaching the kids about Life and its Value

Group 3 - Waew teaching them about Life and it's value

All work and all fun and games today belongs to the kids...Game time

The day came to an end with gathering together and reviewing what we did the whole day

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