Saturday, April 27, 2013

Village English Camp Day 3

The Village English Camp 2013 was more than an English camp and all things happened for good cos' of all the prayer support and words of encouragement and above all because of the Grace and Blessings of God upon the campers, teams, villagers and everyone who were part of this camp. The 3 days camp was packed with schedules ranging from workshops to games, praise and worship to Sharings, B-boying to Dish washings, Dramas/Skits to Praying, visiting Historical sites to teaching about Life Values, Learning English to hearing Bible Stories and much more. All these things were done, not to show that we are knowing more than others or we are boasting about what we can do, but we did all these as the theme of the camp goes along saying "...because every life counts" and everyone matters equal in the eye of our God and for Him we are all here and it's our part to play help these kid's grow up in the way they should being the children of God. Thank You everyone for your care, prayers and support. May God Bless You all in changing someone's life wherever you are because every life counts!
English Class ...Draw...Colour and learn
Children having a relaxing time and posing for the lens in weird poses :-)
just before every show there's fun to begin with and here we are
 MC Waew
Rafael doing a Freestyle dance
cloudy skies and a cool evening to showcase what the kids learned during 3 days camp
Are you ready for the night ?

Thai Dance Group on stage
B-Boying Group perfoming their shakes in steps

Drama Group on stage

Yoyo and Took Tik busy for the night's tummy

Ferdy and the guitar kids on stage

Team india doing a skit

Campers sharing their testimonies

Team India perfoming Choreography
campers with their gifts
Thank You for the french fries and chicken legs...we're lovin' it

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