Wednesday, November 20, 2013

DTS Toowoomba Team partnering with Tamar Center Korat

We have spent the past three weeks in Korat serving with the Tamar Centre Korat. It was such a blessing to work with them. We had opportunities to serve at nursing homes, orphanages, and hospitals. As well as ran English teaching camps in the primary schools here, where our team was completely allowed to share the gospel with the students, we played and taught them worship songs, shared our testimonies to them, all in schools with large idols dedicating them to Buddhism. Teaching English to kids of all ages was a huge blessing to us. We saw quite a few kids come to Christ, and in addition to that the love of these kids was amazing. They all loved us no matter what. The teachers and board members were so welcoming of us in their schools, and every school we went to their staff worked extremely hard to make sure we were comfortable. Another weekly part of the schedule was going into a nearby village, playing with the kids and sharing our testimonies to the people there, this was an amazing and eye opening experience for a lot of people on our team. It was amazing to see how God used us to bless these people. Our time in Korat was amazing, and a huge thanks goes to the people at the Tamar Centre! They are amazing!

- Hannah Taylor
(DTS student Toowoomba, Australia)
Having fun time with the children at Non Ta Ko Village

We play Sepak Ta kraw too! :-)


Special Children 

Posing for smiley shot 

This is how we dance, hop and Praise the Lord

at Old Age Home
at the Orphanage

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