Saturday, March 16, 2013

We Want To See Jesus Lifted High!

God is Good all the time and He has opened another Door for us to share His Grace and spread His message of Love at Ban Mai Village where we will be working hand in hand with the local church by teaching English, play games with the children, tell stories, and have Cell Group two/three Friday's in a month.

A surprising fact is that not even a single villager is employed in any government office, all the villagers are labourers mostly in sugarcane fields.

...Pray with us as we step- in to see God change this village.
the Church at Ban Mai

with the Pastor (2nd from left) 
children in the church compound

Mr and Mrs Yoyo infront of the Church at Ban Mai

Surveying, Reaching out and spreading the word around

sugarcane Ban Mai

inside the church discussing things needed to be done regarding the ministry at Ban Mai
a flower blooming at Ban Mai, God showing us Hope even through Nature

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