Friday, March 8, 2013


 Weaw (our staff) has a neighbor called Jha.
Jha is 20 years old she is doing her 2nd year in university. Jha is a hard working girl, though she is struggling so much she is good in her studies. She is studying to be a teacher, another 5 years and she will complete her studies.

She has no idea where her mum is, her father has a new wife.
She gets no financial help from any of her parents, she lives in a small rented house infact her cousin sister who is working in a bar in phuket has left her two sons  ( one of the boy is 15 years another is 9 years old) for Jha to take care.

THE GOOD NEWS: when weaw rented a house in Jha’s neighbourhood, weaw became her friend and her sister, so through weaw, Jha got to know the Lord, got baptized from the Local church that we attend. She started reading the word of God diligently and grew in her Love for God.
Right now she is helping the church in the worship team. God is doing more things in her life, Just recently God spoke to her about going for UDTS (University discipleship training school) a 6 months discipleship course under YWAM (youth with a Mission).But her biggest challenge is Finances  but she is willing to trust God for her needs. Keep praying for Jha, that she will grow  more in the Lord and also for her Finances.

Here are some exciting things happening and we need your prayers:
1) All of us at Tamar korat has worked hard for two years straight, with no rest!  so we feel its time we spent some time resting and seeking God, so on 27 and 28th march we will be  having a staff retreat. Pray that it will be a time where we will meet God and be filled  with new passion as we continue to serve Him.
2) Starting from April until march the schools in Thailand will be having a summer break, during this break we will be running English camp for the kids in the villages, please pray for the Camp.

Yoyo Chusi

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