Friday, February 1, 2013

Reach In to Reach Out

4 nights and 3 days at Lam Nam Rong Village (bordering Cambodia) has been a real blessing in different ways. The YWAM Dayton DTS, Ohio for the cause of sharing the Love of God humbled themselves and seeking first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness they left aside all the comforts and luxuries, and lived like the village people, slept like the villagers, eat with them in the same plate, talk with them and spend time with them in sharing the good news through games, Bible stories, Dramas, Skits, Testimonies, Prayers and Cell Groups.

During the Day the team taught English at Lam Nam Rong School for three days and it was real fun and a good way to come closer with the students as well as the teachers where God even open ways to share the good news through different means. The English classes were not just academical based but it is based on humility of what we can give to humanity through God's Grace. The games, songs and dramas were all in one way or the other doors to share the good news so it was more than just fun activities. On the last day at school the team was given the opportunity to share the good news through skits and dramas and the children's were all in awe with their eyes fixed without a blink and all these has been possible by God's grace and the prayers of all the Believers.

To God be the Glory! 

This is where we slept !

Dustin and Samuel

on the way to school

Children at Lam Nam Rong listening to David story

....and the Giant Goliath fell down from David's sling shot

Praying and Blessings

My God is so Big, So Strong, So Mighty....

The Shark Game

the entry at the school

An outdoor moment with the students

Inside the Class Room (This is How we greet each other in America!)
A Skit in action on the last day at the school

YWAM Dayton DTS in action!

Yoyo (Left) giving the Vote of Thanks Speech at Lam nam Rong School

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